Ligne de crise pour enfants et jeunes

Ligne de crise pour femme – Fem’aide


Programs and Services for Women*

Individual Counselling Services:

Services are available to Francophone women* aged 16 or older who have identified themselves as having been victims or survivors of violence. Services are offered face-to-face, by video conference or by telephone.

Café Causerie (Coffee-Chat):

This service brings together women* aged 16 and over affected by violence. This support group meets once a month for 10 consecutive months.

Themes for discussion: healthy relationships, the impact of violence, safety, stress, resiliency, and self-esteem among others.

Services to help children who witnessed violence

Individual or group counselling for children:

The program is aimed for Francophone children and adolescents aged 4 to 16 who have
witnessed or who are or have been exposed to domestic violence. This program is 8 to 10

Themes: Family violence, safety, coping with change, healthy relationships, managing emotions, problem-solving, and self-esteem.

Individual or group counselling for mothers:

The program is aimed at mothers who have experienced domestic violence. This service is offered simultaneously with the children’s program to better support them.

Mothers in Mind Program

A group for mothers and their children:

The program is aimed for mothers and their children under the age of 4 for the duration of 10 weeks.

  • Provide mothers with the opportunity to access trauma-informed parenting information, while connecting with other mothers who have also had hurtful experiences in their lives.
  • Strengthen mother’s self-care, self-compassion, and stress management skills in relation to parenting.
  • Support the mother-child relationship through enhancing mothers’ sensitivity and responsiveness to her child and strengthening feelings of parent self-efficacy.

Themes: Feelings, stress management, child development, security, attachment, child temperament, self-esteem, and self-care.

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Crisis line
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