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Services for adults with intellectual disabilities

Mandate and Mission

The IVT program aims to provide adults with a developmental delay in the S.D.G. region a structured environment that allows them to acquire more independence and social skills.

The purpose of the program is to engage participants to learn the basic rules and behaviors deemed necessary to be able to function minimally in society; socializing with others and the development of independence are privileged.

The goal of the program is to allow each participant to achieve a certain level of social inclusion by identifying goals and having an active participation in the community through community work or activities.

Admission Criteria

The participant must have an intellectual delay as determined by formal assessments.

Participant must be 18 years old and reside in SDG.

The participant must have sufficient mobility to be able to move around (e.g., wheelchair, walker); they must also be able to meet some personal hygiene needs at a minimum.

Admission Process

The access services in the region determine the eligibility of the participant; if the participant is deemed eligible, he is directed to the program.

Access Services inform IVT staff of the participant’s level of functioning and their priority level on the waiting list.

The Program Director receives the participant as well as their parent or guardian for a functional assessment aimed at confirming the participant’s eligibility according to the admission criteria; once the eligibility is confirmed, the admission process can continue.

To register for Developmental Services Ontario (DSO), visit: https://scsonline.ca/en/intake/application-dsoer/

Crisis line
for women – Fem’aide


Crisis line
for children and youth