Ligne de crise pour enfants et jeunes

Ligne de crise pour femmes – Fem’aide


L’Équipe psycho-sociale is a mental health agency under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

L’Équipe psycho-sociale’s mission is to develop and offer mental health services to children and youth who are experiencing social-emotional and/or behavioural issues impacting their everyday functioning.

It also oversees two other programs:  when clicking on the program link, it will take us to their respective descriptions.

  • Le Centre pour l’enfant et la famille ON y va – Francophones of SDG – Programs offered to children under the age of six, their parents and their child-care providers – Ministry of Education.
  • Programmes DI (IVT) – Day program for adults living with a developmental disability – Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

Our History

L’Équipe psycho-sociale pour enfants, adolescents et familles de S. D. & G was created on August 4th, 1980. It fulfilled the need for mental health services for the French-speaking community.

Board Members

Bernard Lamarche, président

Denise Lalande, vice-présidente

Madeleine Major, trésorière

Louise Lapensée

Danielle Duplantie

Raymond Legault

Francine Ciccarelli

Sara Lalande

Crisis line
for children and youth


Crisis line
for women – Fem’aide


Équipe psycho-sociale

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