Ligne de crise pour enfants et jeunes

Ligne de crise pour femme – Fem’aide
The mental health services at l’Équipe psycho-sociale are community-based services that provide prevention, support, counselling, therapy, consultations, assessments and family coaching for children, youth, and their families. These services are offered by a qualified, bilingual, multidisciplinary team of professionals.
Ma vie, mon choix

L’Équipe psycho-sociale is committed to providing services to Francophone women, children and youth of any culture, religion, race, or sexual orientation, to live a life free of violence. Our feminist perspective is at the heart of our interventions. We support and respect women in their journey, no matter where they are.

On y va
The ‘Centre pour l’enfant et la famille ON y va – Francophone de SDG’ offers free, drop-in programs for children up to six years old and their parents/caregivers. The ON y va Centre is a place to engage and connect with others in the community and feel a sense of belonging.
Initiation a la vie

The IVT program aims to provide adults with a developmental delay in the S.D.G. region a structured environment that allows them to acquire more independence and social skills.

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As a proud partner of the #KidsComeFirst Health Team, we are dedicated to working together to give kids easier, faster access to the care they need. Check out the new website for latest news & to get in touch: kidscomefirst.ca #OnPoli

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About us

Équipe psycho-sociale

We know very well that no one, not even a child, is immune to mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression; attention deficit disorder; eating disorders, sleep disorders, psychosis or even addiction problems.

To create strong children is to provide them with the physical, mental, educational, and spiritual nourishment necessary to build mental health so that they become responsible, healthy and fulfilled adults, adapted and ready to face life’s challenges.